Server Services

Server Solutions to Match Your Business Needs
Server Services

Choosing the right server solution and server management services for your business can be complicated and frustrating. This is a component of your IT infrastructure that can halt employee productivity if not maintained properly. With so many options to choose from, how do you make the right IT infrastructure and server management decisions for your business that will allow you to grow, meet server compliance standards, and not incur unexpected costs along the way? Will you have the right IT support services when you need them most?

Barden Tech's team of certified IT consultants makes the process easy for you. We can provide a technical assessment of your current IT infrastructure to ensure your server solution and server management services meet the long-term and short-term business requirements. Barden Tech offers server management support for your existing servers or a full implementation of all the needed equipment and IT support services for a consistent monthly fee. Our IT consultants will tailor a solution to meet your IT infrastructure and server management needs regardless of your unique requirements or server compliance standards.

Server Solutions

Server Solutions

Ongoing Security Management

Are you concerned with the security of your critical data? Barden Tech has IT security and support service controls in place to ensure safety and compliance of all your critical business processes.

The data on your servers is your company's greatest asset. With our IT security and support services, we will setup a backup process for your servers to ensure the greatest protection of your data - and we will monitor and maintain you backup daily for maximum IT security and server maintenance. To minimize business disruption, Barden Tech also assists in restoring data in the event of data loss. Our IT support staff receives ongoing training and testing to ensure we adhere to the strictest server security standards for all types of businesses.

We'll maintain the IT security, maintenance and performance of your servers so that you have IT services that "just work."

Server Virtualization

Barden Tech also offers server virtualization solutions for businesses wishing to make more efficient use of server resources. A virtual server can be divided into multiple isolated virtual server environments – or virtual private servers. Each virtual private server operates independent of the others and can therefore run on its own operating system. Server virtualization can also improve server availability, assist in disaster recovery, testing and development, and help centralize server administration. Contact a Barden Tech consultant today to learn more about server virtualization options.

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