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Managed IT Services for Businesses
Network Services

Barden Tech provides additional managed services for businesses wishing to have ongoing management and support for individual IT solutions. These services are often provided on a per user, flat monthly fee basis, allowing you to accurately track costs and predict cash flow per managed service as you grown your business and add new employees. Since each company has a unique IT environment, our consultants will meet with you to determine the level and type of services needed. Our managed services include support options for small and enterprise-class businesses alike. If you don’t see the managed service you are looking for here, contact a Barden Tech representative and we will consult with you to determine how we can provide the right IT managed services mix for your business.


Hosted Exchange

By leveraging Barden Tech 's managed services subscription to hosted Microsoft Exchange, you will have the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere at any time. Hosted Exchange managed services allows access to emails, address books, files, and calendars when you need them.

Additional Managed Services

Help Desk

Barden Tech's helpdesk center is located in multi-million dollar data facility. Our help desk technicians are available on a 24/7 basis as a single point of contact for all your IT support needs. The data center is equipped with the best tools for monitoring and security to allow our technicians to accurately assess and diagnose your IT problems. Our help desk managed services are allocated on a per user, monthly subscription basis to give you optimal flexibility and the ability to add services as you grow. This allows you to leverage your business cash flow for IT help desk managed services with predictable service costs. Barden Tech's help desk managed services also provide a unique ticketing system that allows us to track the history of your support incidents. Incident tracking helps us to address issues with your critical systems faster and more accurately each time you enter a support session. We offer phone support, email support, and a live, eSupport chat session to provide you with the fastest response times. With permissions from the end-user, we can even remotely access their computer via a secure VPN connection allowing our technicians to quickly assess the end-user's issues and fix problems quickly and accurately.


Our goal at Barden Tech is to ensure your IT systems are running 24x7x365. Our advanced monitoring systems "watch" and detect everything from problems with your applications to health of individual PCs and server performance. Our monitoring managed services provide a full dashboard that your management team can log into and observe real-time functionality of your IT systems. Your team can even create a customized dashboard so they only see the most important critical monitoring tools and can then output reports allowing them to view statistical data of their systems. Your monitoring systems will be managed by a dedicated Barden Tech IT service manager who will be notified immediately via the monitoring system should an issue occur. This method of managing your IT infrastructure provides a proactive approach to ensuring your systems are kept safe and efficient. Monitoring services give you access to your critical business applications when you need them – without the worries of a problematic IT infrastructure.

Advanced Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

By having Barden Tech's real-time, advanced managed monitoring systems, you save time and money with a pro-active approach to solving IT issues before they hit your critical systems and effect end-user performance. These systems allow us to accurately predict the impact of system failures so we can put preventative processes in place. With advanced monitors, we can more easily pinpoint what is causing a problem and troubleshoot the issue so there is not a reoccurrence.


Asset Management

Having a system in place that can accurately track assets is crucial to maintaining a cost-effective IT infrastructure. Barden Tech provides remote IT asset tracking managed services tools that allow us to perform automatic scans of your network. Our systems track warranties, software, software license compliance, and allow us to provide license consolidation. Many companies waste hundreds of dollars a year by not accurately tracking unused licenses. With Barden Tech 's enterprise-class asset tracking system, we will centralize your IT asset inventory, provide accurate discovery and management, and then provide detailed reports and dashboards to view all your critical assets.


Enterprise Asset Management Gives You the Tracking Tools You Need:

Enterprise Asset Management


Automated Backups



Without any effort on your part, we can automatically backup all of your computers to ensure your data is safe and secure through Barden Tech's DirectConnect backup system. BardenConnect is installed via software on the desktops, and when a backup occurs, the data is compressed, encrypted, and sent to our data center ensuring regulatory compliance – and peace of mind.

We provide fully-supported backups for both Windows and Macintosh-based platforms. Each employee's computer is automatically backed up behind the scenes to ensure each user has access to their files whenever they need them. Backups can occur continuously or on a schedule that can be set based on convenience.

We also take the steps necessary to protect against data loss commonly caused by viruses, hackers, hard-drive crashes, power failures, accidental deletions, and other user errors. In the event of a system failure, we provide a data recovery function that allows computers to restore a user's local data.



The critical data on your servers is your company's greatest asset. Barden Tech's enterprise-class backup software provides the greatest protection of server data through encryption and retention of two secured copies of the data to ensure regulatory compliance. This unique managed service allows us to monitor and maintain your geographically distributed server backups daily. Monitoring includes alerts that immediately notify you if there are critical errors during the backup process. Barden Tech assist in restoring data in the event of data loss to minimize business disruption. We can even provide an optional Turbo-Restore Appliance that can be used on-site to restore the entire server data in minutes instead of hours or days.

Barden Tech's server backup managed services packages available and customizable for small or enterprise-class businesses:


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